I Have Floating Turtles, But They Seem Not To Be Eating, Am I Doing Something Wrong?I Also Want To Know How Big Will They Grow And How Often Should I Feed Them?


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Did you purchase a"how to care for "
book or find a pamphlet that came with them? Maybe look it up online..
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I really don't know how big your turtles will grow, but, part of the problem with your turtles may be you need to change their water. But my aunt owns a turtle and she feeds it ten small sticks of turtle food a day you have to break them in half. But if you have more than one, you may want to put extra in.
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The food dissolves into the water, and then they drink the water. Also they don't get any bigger.
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Maybe they just need private when they are eating.Feed them once a day.

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