How Big Do Maps Turtles Grow?


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A map turtle can grow from 4-5 inches and supplies are not VERY expensive. A 20 gallon tank would probably live their life time.
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Map turtles are considered are very large and the size varies substantially between a male and a female. The male grows to the size of about five inches while a female grows about twelve inches in its size.

If we talk of the habitation of the map turtle it is mostly found in the United States and you can find them mostly in the eastern part of the country. They can also be found in some parts of Canada. The particular places where you can find these turtles are freshwater areas and you can see them basking in the sunlight. Sometimes people confuse them with sliders and cooters as they also resemble with these species but when you observe it closely, you can find a keel on its carapace that distinguishes it from others.
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At no cost does a 4-5 inch's turtles live in a 20 gallon tank for the rest of there lives! Would you like living in a closet for the rest of your life?

Depending on the species of map, males get to about 6 inch's max, while the female 10 inch's max. 12 inch's is a RES.
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5 to 12 inches

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