How Do Frogs Catch Flies?


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Frogs catch their food (mainly flies) by being equipped with a sticky tongue. The main species that are found in our garden is the Edible Frog, also known as Green Frog. It hibernates in our pond in great numbers -well over 15 individuals, and always remains in the direct vicinity of the pond.
The species is bound to water much more than the Common Frog is. The females look like they are supposed to: they are mainly green, without much variation. The males on the contrary can be a very dark kind of green, almost brown and then can be mistaken for Common Frogs, but luckily they always lack the brown cheeks. The female of the Edible Frog is almost entirely green. She remains that way during the whole year. The males however, are almost the same, though a little bit darker perhaps, but during the mating season they develop dark spots which appear almost golden at times. Even though they croak, European frogs don't make as irritating a noise as some of the imported American frogs do.
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They catch them with a long tongue that is attached to the front of their mouth for reflexes and well getting food

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