Why Does A Tongue Hang Out Of The Mouth In Some Animals?


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If its a dog they don't sweat so they stick out there tongue to cool them off
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Tongues of some animals and reptiles hangs out of their mouths. Dogs and chameleons are the common animals which hang their tongues out of their mouth. Different reasons are stated to explain the hanging out of the tongue in different animals. A dog has a high body temperature. They hang out their tongues out of their mouths to let out the heat through their tongues. Generally, their tongues salivate when hanging out. Salivating is also considered to be a stress symptom in dogs.

A chameleon hangs out its tongue while catching a prey. Its tongue is very long. Sometimes its tongue is longer than the length of its body. Their tongues have a sticky tip. Chameleon with the help this long tongue catches a prey which is at a distance. Other animals that hang their tongues out of their mouths could include snakes which use their tongues as sensors.

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