How Do Frogs Sing?


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Both frogs and toads sing, although this usually happens in spring time and is the preserve of the male of both species' since the female frogs and toads only have very weak voices. It is part of the mating process of both these amphibians.
The 'chorus' actually happens with the frog or toad closing its mouth and nostrils. The frog takes a deep breath and then pumps air back and forth through its voice box, into a sac which is located either in its throat or on the side of its head (depending on the species). This voice sac inflates to such a degree that it can almost be as big as the animal itself.
Different types of frogs or toads have distinctive calls. Some whistle or chirp, others may trill or making a noise which sounds like 'peep'. One type of frog even barks like a dog, but generally we are more familiar with the common toad and frog 'song'.
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