What Fruits And Vegetables Can A Syrian Hamster Eat?


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Generally, it is OK to feed Syrian hamsters raisins. However, it's probably not best to feed a Dwarf hamster raisins, seeing as they are essentially a fruit.

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I found out from hamster specialist that syrian can eat, brocoli, cue cumber, cauliflower, dandelion leaves if washed and dryed, apple and carrot, they also love dried banana's. Mineral blocks and salt licks are good for teeth.
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Apple is good. Raisins are also good. But never feed them citrus fruits. They are bad for them.
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Yes they can. I give my hamsters watermelon. Just make sure you don't give it any tomatoes or citrus fruits like oranges, lemon...etc.
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They can eat:
dry corn
and most dried fruit like bananas,raisons, sultanas

but give them small amounts or they can get ill, use them as treats
to train them.

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Thank you. Yes, always small amounts. But not noly training, right? They need them even if not for training, I think. ?? But, anyways, thanks.
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If it is a large to semi-large hamster yes it would be ok, but a small one, I don't think so.-Trey
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They can eat most fruit and veg I have a syrian hamster and it likes most things but don't feed them to much use them as treats

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