What did I get stung by? It's a small bump with a stinger in it, I thought it was a wasp because the camp has a bad sand wasp infestation but it doesn't hurts, and even though it's a small spot it makes my whole leg hurt.


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

A wasp sting can cause what youre describing here so you may be having the start of a allergic reaction to it so you may really want to head for a ER for help here before it gets blown up. It best to go now before an ambulance does come and get you.  Even a Urgent Care center can help here so get it checked out

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Madison Genovese
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could it still be an allergic reaction if it was 6 hours ago? my legs feels a little tingly too, could it hurt because i didnt take out the stinger until 6 hours after i got stung?
Arthur Wright
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Leaving the stinger in could cause an infection so take a plastic knife or credit card or whatever and gently scrape across sting and see if stinger pops out. Is your leg swelling up as that's usually a good sign of a reaction

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