How Much Does A Crab Weigh?


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Honestly, it depends how big it is.. They're usually over 2 pounds, though.
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Crabs vary so much in weight that it's impossible to give you a precise answer on that one! They can be monsters like this Tasmanian King Crab at 15lbs...

...or nippers (excuse the pun) like this:

There are so many different types of crab, that I wouldn't even know how to begin giving an average weight for one.

The crabs you can buy at the frozen-fish counter are usually about 200g, though.

For some fascinating photos of the big crab up the top there, I'd recommend reading this article - he was caught by accident, and has been given the (very imaginative) name of Claude. When fully grown, he'll weigh around 30lbs!

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1 pound per crab

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