How Do I Keep A Blue Crab Alive Overnight?


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I live in Louisiana, and we have blue crabs from the gulf of Mexico. We keep them alive overnight if we don't want to eat them that day. 

How To Keep A Blue Crab Alive Overnight So You Can Cook It The Next Day

After we go crabbing, we have to keep them alive before we are ready to boil them, and the only way we can keep them alive is to put them on ice. We keep them in an ice chest with a couple inches of water and a bag of ice. This works for about 12 hours. 

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Until the wildlife refuge opens?

If you are that close to a refuge, put him in the nearest ditch and he'll find his way to where he needs to be. I 'm pretty sure the game warden is not going to go through any extraordinary measures to save one crab. He will release it as close to the water as he can.

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Put it in a container with a lid that has plenty of holes so the crab can breath.  Put dirt in it.  Also, add a small dish for water.  It probably won't need to eat until tomorrow.  

If you have a shell put it in there, also a you can get a sponge  wet and put in there if you don't have something to put water in.  Then that should get the crab through the night.  That works for hermit crabs.
Good luck!

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