What Does A Hermit Crab Look Like?


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Like all shell-bearing creatures, a hermit crab also sheds its shell when it has grown too big to fit it. In the place of the old shell, a new shell has already started growing. The hermit crab has a very soft abdomen or 'tail' as it is generally referred to. It is folded under the body. Nevertheless the shell of the hermit crab does not protect its tail as is the case with all other crabs. After shedding its old shell, the hermit crab keeps the empty shell with itself taking full utility of it as a portable shelter, which could come in handy, if it has to fight with another crab for a more attractive home. This leads to situations sometimes where the homeseeker crab actually succeeds in kicking the original homeowner out of the home and instead eats it up and takes over the shell.

The claws of the hermit crab are not equal in size. One of the claws is always bigger than the other one. Having a spiral shaped abdomen, the hermit crab moves in and out of the shell with a stride that is virtually spiral.
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A hermit crab looks like a rock, and also can look like sand! They have an eye stalk and antennae,& have walking legs & also have a cheliped, a hard shell that is temporarily used by the hermit crab. Hermit crabs also have a soft twisted abdomen hidden in inside it's shell!

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