Where I Can Buy Teacup Persian Cats?


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Teacup is a made up name. I have a Persian and I know that the Persian rescue centers are always looking out for responsible owners. Try them first but beware Persias require daily grooming and are hard work but well rewarding.
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There are no such things as Teacup anything. The ones that breeders are getting by with selling are actually offspring of the "runts" of each litter. Thats how the get the so called "teacup poodles,chihuahuas,etc..."And in your case Persians. Good luck finding a tiny kitten. But beware, Runts are normally the 1st to become sickly, and are easier to catch an illness. They are weaker of the litters.I know I wasn't much help, just wanted to inform you of the term Teacup.
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And they don't hold tea very well either.
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Your ignorant ........... Before you answer something you do not know how bout you study up a lil ... Theres many breeds of tea cup animals in dogs cats ...even pigs..... Google.com takes maybe 20 seconds to look it up
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Tangley doesn't know what she is talking about. There is such thing as "Teacups." in breeds.
My sister and raise "Teacup yorkies" and sell them. Teacups are bread that way.bread as smaller breeds . People in Europe and all over the US desire the Teacup because they stay small in adult years.
They are rare but you can find them, and they cost more. I own a Teacup Persian and she is 14 years old.

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