Do Shih Tzu's Have Extra Sensitive Skin? Mine Seems To Get Very Irritated Easily And Will Scratch Herself Raw In Areas. I Have Tried Many Different Natural Shampoos


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The problem might be the food. If he is eating an artificial diet. Try to make him a diet of Fresh food. Fresh chicken and turkey and beef. Fresh raw vegetables and fruits. Fresh brown rice and oatmeal. Fresh yogurt, eggs, and cottage cheese.
This is not "people food." Calling real food "people food" makes it sound as though people are the only living creatures who are entitled to eat fresh foods.
Virtually all living creatures thrive on real, fresh food.
Toss out the prepackaged food, I say. Soon, symptoms you've grown all too accustomed to -- and tried in vain to dispel with antibiotics -- may improve dramatically. Everything from skin irritations and dull matted fur to bad breath and digestive problems to lethargy and lack of appetite can be alleviated. All you have to do, I add, is to start preparing your pet's meals yourself.
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She may have allergies and need to go to the vet for medication. It could also be fleas or a nervous condition, best to have the vet diagnose and treat. Good luck:)

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