How Long Does A Lab's Pregnancy Take?


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It takes 63 days 2 months
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Pregnancy duration in all dogs is not different. Usually pregnancy in dogs including Lab can last for 58-69 days with an average of 63-66 days. If you are not a professional breeder then don't try to breed your dog because both pregnancy and delivery can be complicated. If you have decided to breed your dog then get fitness certificate from your vet and get help for the maintenance of pregnancy and whelping from vet. It will be more beneficial if you get spayed your dog.

Mating during heat period can result in pregnancy in dogs. If she becomes pregnant then visible signs appear after 3-4 weeks. These signs suspect pregnancy that is confirmed by vet. You should note following signs and take her to vet for confirmation if she has these signs.
  1. Initial loss of appetite
  2. Reduced activities
  3. Nipple growth
  4. Affectionate behavior
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A normal pregnancy lasts 63 days for dogs. 

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