How Can You Tell Female And Male Walruses Apart?


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Male walruses known as bulls are significantly larger as compared to the females which are known as cows. For example the Pacific Walrus bull which is one of the largest of the Pinnipeds second only to the Elephant Seal grows to a length of 12 ft about (3.5 m) and can weigh 1600 kg (about 3500 lbs) while the female walrus cow grows to a length of about 8 ft (2.5 m)and weighs 550 kg (1200 lbs). Also the tusks of the walrus bulls which can grow to a length of 3 ft (about 1 m) are longer than those of the cows.

Male walrus bulls are much more aggressive and fight each other to establish its territory and a 'harem' or a group of walrus cows. The walruses and other Pinnipeds have developed a streamlined body which offers the least resistant for propulsion through the water. Their reproductive organs are located inside the body near the hind flippers.
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A male walrus weighs bout 100 pounds more than a female AND he sports a walrus penis.

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