How Can You Tell If Your Chicks Are Male Or Female?


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If the chick’s feet rest by the body, then congratulations: You have a female. If the feet drop to the bottom however, then the chick is a male. This is a great option for people who are not incredibly experienced in rearing chicks.  If, however, you don’t trust yourself or this method of determining whether a chick is male or female (as sometimes, even with this method it can be difficult to tell whether the chick is male or female), it might be a good idea to see a vet or somebody experienced in this field.

Knowing their gender will allow you to separate the chicks accordingly, as they’re growing up. You may be concerned about accidental reproduction, or simply how well the chicks will get on.

Using this method is a great way to prevent the costs of having to see a vet or another medical professional that specialises in animals. However, you need to make sure that you are cautious to get the best results. The first thing you need to do is wash your hands, for the sake of your chicks. Once you’ve done this, get your chicks together. Pick them up one at a time, by the neck with your thumb and index finger. 

If the gender of the chick is not all that important, then it’s really not necessary for you to go to any efforts. Simply wait for the chick to grow older, and it soon becomes evident. Good luck with rearing your chicks!
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1. Wash hands, so you and your chick are in good health.
2. Pick the chick up by it's neck with your pointer finger an thumb.
3. If it's feet hang low it's a male, if it tucks it's legs up to it's body it's a female.
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If the beak is a light colored yellow, its a girl, if its darker and more orange, its most likely a boy.
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The red skin (Comb) is different sizes on different breeds, but in general the male's comb is larger, even early on. Some breeds can be I identified by coloring, or wing development, some are checked at the hatchery from the inside, it all depends on the breed.
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There isn't a definate way but when we got our chicks & they turned about a week old,the rooster was already bigger than all the others & darker in color & if you watched he acted like a rooster already.There are just some small ways to tell but no one really knows how to tell like when theyr'e tiny babies.
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Yes there is a quick way to tell that how many are male chicks and how many are female chicks. There is a big red soft skin on the head of male chick. The female chicks either don't have it or if they have, they are very small.
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The girl chick is always running last, and the boy chick never sorry couldn't help can take them to a local pet shop to have them sexed
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You can look at the comb if they are around even thats a male if it is uneven its a female
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The only real way of telling, the only thing they can't have surgery one is.....
If you look at a girls hand and a boys hand the differ. A girls index finger is longer then there ring finger. Where a boys index finger is shorter then there ring finger.
Don't believe me check it out!!
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1. Pick your chicken up by the kneck. Do not squezze.... And if its feet hang its a girl... And if its feet stay close to its body its a girl...

2. Lay your chicken on its back in your hands...
If the chicken is very figity after 4 seconds its a boy.
If it is not its a girl.
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Take the chick by the neck very carefully and if the chicks feet curl up close to its body its a female but if they hang down then its a male chick.
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Pick it up by its feet if it gups a round it is male if it just setst ther it is a femail
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You can't.  Eggs are usually "sexed" by workers who specialize in that.  Wait and see.  That's half the fun!
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You can "vent" your chicks but that can only be  done the first day they are born.
Depending on some breeds you can tell around 5 weeks but some differ but you can tell around that age by looking at their combs around tha t age there will be some that have pinkish/reddish combs and that will be the male aka cockrels.Some females will start yellowing or getting a little pinkish.and when they get older, if you step inside your coop the females will usually always  be the ones that shy away, but that isn't always accurate.

Hope this helps you!

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