At Which Age Do Maltese Dogs Or Puppies Possess The Tendency To Catch Hypoglycemia?


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In the general scenario, the disease of hypoglycemia occurs in Maltese puppies during the age span of five to nine weeks. Later on, they could also catch this problem at the age of six months. Normally the aberrant condition of hypoglycemia occurs in dogs, which are under the age of one year. In other words, hypoglycemia usually occurs with puppies as it is called a puppy disease. It is a condition that is characterized by a drastic and abrupt decline in the level of blood sugar in the dog (more precisely puppy).

The causes for hypoglycemia in dogs are usually associated with the uneven spurts in the growth of the internal organs of the Maltese dog (puppy), more specifically the pancreas, which is an important organ of the digestive system. What actually happens is that, the brain begins to receive incorrect and inaccurate signals from the pancreas and as a result would be unable to enable the release of the proper amount of sugar in the bloodstream of the dog. This condition could also be an inherited (genetic) condition.

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