Do Maltese Dogs Come In The Color Brown Or Beige?


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All maltese terriers are white - it is a breed characteristic. A similar looking breed that your supervisor may like is a Havanese - these come in a range of colours including beige, brown and black.
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In the early 1900's Maltese were bred with some color in them. That is why some white Maltese today have black or gray spots on their skin, it is thought to be a throwback to that. Usually if a Maltese has one of these colored spots the hair growing from it is a beigey color. Jessica Simpson has a cream color Maltese. So yes, your boss could find a cream color Maltese.
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Usually and mostly all of them are white.
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Maltese terriers are mostly white but there are some breeds that have a light bone tinge to their coats, some one needs to breed a black one that would be awsome

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