Is There Any Maltese Puppies For Adoption Under 300 Dollars?


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You can check the rescues but please be careful and sure that you can afford care. No one that breeds responsibly would sell a pup for that much as too much time, effort, knowledge, and money goes into it. Without that you may spend $300 just to watch your pup die of some liver or heart problem (or many other things) or spend thousands to try and correct one (even on pups more than $300). It is important to consider pups need a lot of things like kennel and toys ect. And see a vet monthly until about 6 months for their puppy shots and spay/neuter ect. And that they also require regular grooming which averages about $30 to $60 depending every 4 to 8 weeks if you keep them in a puppy cut and they have to go more often if you try to keep them longer (not to mention at some point it usually has to all come off since it's a lot of work and mistakes are easily made which are extremely painful for the pup). A high quality diet (which tends to extend life and lower vet bills) also isn't exactly 'cheap' but worth it in the long run. Having money set aside for illness or emergency is also important. So, assuming that it's $300 left after all that is considered checking petfinder or the rescues listed with the breed club or even asking local vets if they know of someone who is looking for a good home (check the medical issues) can be a good place to start. Good luck and I hope you find the perfect pup to give a great home to.

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