At What Age Do You Sell Puppies?


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Puppies should be weaned at 6-8 weeks of age.  At this point they need their first vaccinations.  Depending upon the size, breed, and temperament of the puppies 6-8 weeks of age is when they can be rehomed.  With smaller dogs I recommend keeping them until 8 weeks of age.
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You can sell them at 6 weeks but its better if you wait a week to see if it can do okay with out its mother. So try and keep them separated after six weeks.
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Never! Never! Sell or give a puppy to anyone unde eight (8) weeks of age, Well that is unless yu don'tcare if they die and you don't mind going to jail for breaking Federal Law.

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You can sell puppies when they are 6 weeks old  you need to make sure that they are eating and drinking good before you let them go to new homes
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8 weeks and make sure there eating on there own.

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