Do I Need To Help My Maltese Dog Deliver Her Pups?


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Yes. It's possible that some mothers will not bite the cord when the puppies are born, and so you should cut the cord by tying it with a cord about 1 inch from the puppies navel and cutting it from beyond that point.

The mother is also supposed to lick the puppies as soon as they are born, as they are born covered in a membrane and can't breathe through it. The licking will remove the membrane, and also simulate the lungs so they start breathing on their own. If your dog does not do this, you should get a soft cloth and rub the puppies down yourself, and then rub the puppies gently so they start breathing.

While most mothers will do all this themselves, sometimes new mothers or a tired mother will not do so, and so it is important to be nearby so you can assist.

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