What Age Can I Give A Puppy Rawhide?


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I think you can give her a rawhide when he is 6 months old.
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If you see teeth in the whole mouth, 12 wk-14 wk their ready! I have a 4 month old puppy, he loves raw hide, and it's gone in minutes...just be careful it's high in protein.
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It is very dangerous to feed raw hide to pets. If the dog eats them their system can not digest them and they can and do get lodged in the intestine and will kill the dog or surgery is needed. I am a breeder of Mini-Dachshunds and fed my pets Holistic Treats from my web www.adamsallnatural.com   all are pet safe for your loved one. Thanks Jeff
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I wouldn't do it at all. It is extremely unsafe. Aside from having a poor affect on their diet because the larger peices take awhile to digest and sit in their stomachs, it can splinter and cause internal damage all the way down the line and there have also been some issues with chemicals.
Try a Kong toy with a little peanut butter smeared on the inside every once in awhile. Large variety of heavy duty toys and rotating them helps (even taking away for a day) so they are 'new' and exciting and not the same old toy they see all the time.


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