At What Age Can A Poodle Puppy Get A Haircut?


5 Answers

Kass Profile
Kass answered
It's never too early to be extra cute, and it's always best to get them used to grooming when they're young, it makes them less likely to be stressed or aggressive when they have to get groomed later in life.
Tauseef Sheikh Profile
Tauseef Sheikh answered
No, your puppy can get a very good poodle haircut if it has good hairs but if it doesn't have good hairs then you should not give him a poodle hair cut.
The Instigator Profile
The Instigator answered
When it's hair is covering it's eyes and can't see and starts bumping into things.
tricia howes Profile
tricia howes answered
The sooner the better,we like to get puppy used to the clippers and shears so first few visits,probably wouldn't get a haircut,just face feet and sanitary,we want puppies to enjoy the grooming procedure,so don't want to stress it out the first time.

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