Where Does The Barn Owl Live?


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The barn owl is distributed all over the world, apart from the temperate regions of Asia and the Pacific Islands. This kind of owl is one of the world's most elegant and is easily recognized by its white, heart-shaped face.

The barn owl likes to live in open country and it will also live in woodland and inhabited areas. It hunts both during the night and at dawn and dusk and in winter may sometimes also hunt in the daytime. More usually, though, it spends the daylight hours hidden in tree holes and old buildings.

The barn owl usually lays its eggs once a year with up to 8 eggs in a clutch. It may a second clutch later in the year if their prey is plentiful and there is plenty for the young to eat. If food is scarce, no eggs are laid at all and in some cases, the parents will even eat the eggs they have produced.
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Barn owls actually DO live in barns and other outdoor structures....hence the name.
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In barns

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