How can I conduct potty training for my pet dog?


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Well, if it's a PUPPY, this will be most effective.

Get pee-pee pads for your puppy. For the first day and night, use the pee pads FULL TIME! After that, bring him out into the yard ON A LEASH OR IN A FENCED IN AREA. Keep an eye on him. When he's done doing his business, bring him inside. Have pee pads set up in two places just in case he has to go. Hope it helped!

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In general, you need to make a schedule that your dog will get used to. It depends on how old your dog is- younger pets require walks and potty breaks more often, i.e. After you wake up, you should walk your dog so that they can relieve themselves. After that (i.e. After 20 minutes) you may have some playtime together (i.e. 15 minutes) and once they have spent some energy, you can feed them. After that you can walk them for another potty break, as they are still young and will need to go outside for potty break every 2-3 hours (i.e. For 30-40 min). When you return home, you can give your dog a command to go into their crate (if you provide crate training) or just let them rest and relax. After 2-3 hours you should repeat the steps above- potty break, playtime, feeding time...etc. What is most important- you have to make a schedule and repeat these steps at certain time throughout the day. If your dog is an adult dog, they will need potty breaks every 7-8 hours. I know that it is quite difficult or even impossible to stick to a schedule as we all are busy and have many tasks to do. However, you can adapt the schedule to your daily routine.
Also, you can use a dog's pad, at least while your canine is still a pup.
I personally would recommend the training approach as I find it more efficient. Moreover, I found a few articles in regard to this topic that were quite helpful for me and my dog Max: "Crate Training Schedule - How to do it, and what do you need to know before that?",  "When to Start Puppy Training and How to Conduct It?". These guys offer training courses as well, and I am considering taking the pup course, so Max can be more obedient and well socialized. Hope you will you find the best solution for your dog.

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