My One Day Old Kittens Seems To Have A Broken Leg ? Its Bent In And Keeps Crying! HELP WHAT DO I DO?


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Take your kitten to the local vet to have it checked. Don't let it be in pain
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The kitten could have a birth defect or its leg may be broken. Please take it to your veterinarian immediately. If your vet's office is not open, most now have emergency clinics or doctors on call. Many kittens can live a long and healthy life with a birth defect, and a broken leg can heal. I have found that many people don't feel a one-day-old kitten or puppy is worth keeping alive, so you might be told the kitten should be euthanized. I would not follow this advice; it is your right to get treatment for the kitten. In the meantime, it's important to keep the kitten warm (they lose body heat very quickly - you can use a heating pad, a hot water bottle, or even a light bulb - anything that gives out warmth - or cradle it on your neck so it gets your body heat). The kitten also need to nurse its mother. If it won't eat, you can supplement feedings, and your vet can also teach you how to tube feed him/her to keep it strong and growing. I wish you luck with this and also want to mention that the kitten's leg could be bent because of how it was positioned in the uterus. Kitten's bones are quite flexible. But the crying is another matter. Kittens usually cry from pain, hunger, or excitement. Crying shows strength - and need. Make sure you are meeting all of the kitten's needs and get to the vet pronto! I hope you will update me on how this little one is doing after this crisis is over. All the best, ~Pasha

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