My Dog Has Been In Heat And Her Nipples Are Bruised. Should I Worry?


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My dog is in heat and has bruised nipples. Is this something I should worry about?

Normally this isn't anything to worry about, especially if your dog is in her first heat cycle.

At this time, the dog's nipples and vulva of a dog will swell and become enlarged - and they will never return to the size they were before the first cycle.

Sometimes this swelling can cause bruising.

If the bruising doesn't go down, or if it seems very painful or irritating to your pet, then I would advise you to take her to the vet.

Bruising of the nipples could also be the sign of an allergy, infection or maybe even false pregnancy.

  • Allergies are rather common in dogs, especially between changes of season, and these can sometimes cause irritation to the nipples. Your dog then scratches them, causing the nipples to swell, and sometimes even bruise.
  • Infections are also quite common and can develop into a serious problem for your pet. Luckily, a veterinarian can easily treat infections with a course of antibiotics.
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Keep an eye on her and if you see anything else that concerns you, call your vet. Trauma/injury (among other things besides them just being there) can actually cause an infection called mastitis - so just keep an eye out, especially if she's one that lactates during heats or whatever.

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