How To Take Care Of The Yorkie Puppies?


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In answer to your question of how to care for Yorki puppies, the best place to start is with a wellness check from your veterinarian. Make sure your puppies are given their proper shots....6 weeks should be their 1st DHPP/CV; 9 weeks is their 2nd DHPP/CV; 12 weeks is the 3rd DHPP/CV; and at 16 weeks they should have their 4th DHPP/CV & their first Rabies shots. These shots are vitally important to prevent one of the most common 'killers' of puppies- parvo. At 16 weeks or so, I also highly recommend getting them a Bordatella vaccination. This is important if you are going to be taking them to the dog park, grooming, or boarding them in a kennel. Ask your vet about starting them on a heartworm medication as well.
The next step is to maintain a healthy diet. I understand that most people live paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford the 'high end' dog food, but if you are able to...I personally recommend Eukanuba Puppy food. If you can't, the 'cheapest' brand I would recommend is Purina Puppy Chow. Only start feeding them this food once they are weaned from the mother. Then start them on watered-down or 'mushy' puppy food. It will tell you on the package on how much to feed them and you can always ask you Veterinarian for advice.
Puppies also need plenty of room to run, play, and develope their social skills. You can also enroll them in puppy classes at your local PetSmart or local dog training facility. It's really never to soon to start training your puppy to have manners and obedience.
House breaking or 'Potty Training' your puppies is going to be one of the most challenging parts. There are classes at PetSmart that offer help and guidence in this department. Sorry that I'm not much help in this department.
Grooming for Yorki's is very important. This will help prevent 'gunky' build up of dander, hair, and skin oil within their coats. It is also healthier for them because of the fact that when they have a BM (bowel movement) and urinate, it will most likely be in their fur and stick/dry there. Personally, I like puppy shampoos with oatmeal and aloe in it. It does wonders for their coats and skin.
Of course the most important thing in raising anything, whether it is two legged or four legged, is a whole lot of TLC. I hope I was able to help you in some way.


P.S. Just incase you are wondering of my expierence and knowledge, I am vet tech.
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FOOD:Well there are many different ways but I feed my Yorkie "Ceaser" dog food and walmart in comes in small packs and they are about 2inches around each side.

FUR: you should brush it everyday and get it's fur and nails cut 1 time a month and try to give it a bath every week.

ect: get it a cool collar and your dog will be hot!
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Wow, how about buying it the very best dry food for starters - something like Wellness brand. Expensive but no fillers. Even better than I am and Eukanuba. I give my puppies protien like chicken breast cut up in little pieces. They are carnivours. Along with the grooming, make sure you get a tag with your name and address on it immediately. If they get out, you want them to come home. Oh yea, don't let them out until they have completed all their shots. Ok, shots, tag, microchip, good quality food, lots of love and training.
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I don't know I'm not a superman am I ?
Oh what you do is take care of it

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