What Is The Small, Hard, Rounded, White Lump On My Dog's Ear?


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It is not unusual for dogs to get various lumps and bumps, and sometimes it is difficult to establish what they are. Taking your dog to the vet will ensure that the bump can be diagnosed immediately, and that treatment for the problem can start right away.

What is this white lump on my dog's ear?
It is hard to establish exactly what this bump is without seeing it, but here are some of the most common causes of bumps on a dog's ear:

  • Insect bite: Insect bites can cause this kind of bump, especially if your dog has had a bad reaction to the bite. The bite will usually swell and fill with clear plasma - giving the bump its white appearance.
  • Skin cyst: This shouldn't be a serious problem, unless it is causing your dog pain. Usually skin cysts simply rupture by themselves. In this case, you will then need to clean the area with an antiseptic.
  • Aural hematoma: These are caused by a ruptured blood vessel, and can result from something as simple as your dog shaking his head. Aural hematomas can rupture and become infected, so make sure you monitor this white bump on your dog's ear closely.
To get to the bottom of the cause of this lump, your best bet would be to take your dog to the vet.
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Well, I really think it is a possibility that it is mange, a disease in dogs that causes lumps. If I were you, I would visit the local vet when you get the chance.

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