How Do I Keep Rabbits From Eating My Flowers?


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You can take a pair of pantyhose, cut them into pieces and put human hair in them. Then lay them around your plants.
Most wild animals will not come near if they smell a human being.
You would need to change them out for fresh hair about every 6 weeks or so.
I have used this method on gophers and moles by sticking them into the ground along their path in my flower garden.. It worked for me.
I used to have a customer who would come to the barbershop and collect hair for his vegetable garden. He swore by it.
I have heard that it also works to keep deer away.
I know it sounds strange but it may work with the rabbits.
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Shoot them w/ a bb gun
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Had a problem with rabbits eating my lilies last year---read where you should sprinkle POWDER on the leaves--didnt' have any so I used FLOUR and it worked like a charm!
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I have been using urine I simply pee around my garden,repeat once a week and you are 99% safe from rabbit damage .Also I have been told and read that dog hair works quite well to so if you have a dog you can use both these methods and you shouldn't have a single rabbit within a mile of your garden. Good-luck.
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I'm assuming you have a garden. My dad used to put chicken wire (using stakes) all the way around our gardens to keep animals out. It's fairly simple to do and I don't believe it's that costly. You don't have to have it more than a few feet up. That way you can step over it.
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Not into peeing around the plants, not usually an outdoor pee-er. I have a toilet for that. Beside the neighbors might not like to see me squatting out in yard? Was thinking of some thing I could sprinkle (not Pee) on the flowers, like garlic salt, would that work??
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I would try using an organic spray repellent, like Havahart's Defence. A lot of my gardening friends use it, and it works well in my organic garden. It doesn't stink after it dries like some of the home solutions that I've used. Here's where I got it from last
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Rabbits are kept in homes as pets but there is a problem that rabbits are vegetarian and they love to eat the grass, soft plants and vegetables. It is necessary to keep away from house plants when they are kept in house as pets. This can be done by different methods. First method is that we can keep them in cage and the cage should be greater not a small cage and the cage must be of such material which can not be damaged by rabbits. One beautiful method is to keep them in a room in which you have a good quantity of sun light in day timings.

It can be done by having windows in that room. Second thing is that on the solid floor you must have at least 1.5 to 2 feet clay because rabbits dig the surface and live in those holes they make by digging the surface and also the floor is necessary because if you will not have a floor, rabbits will dig a long hole like mine and they will come out from that room. By this you can keep them in your house. Second method to keep rabbits away from your flowers is to make a fence around the flower plants so that they will not able to reach to the plant.
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Human Hair will do the trick and help with deer and other veggie predators aswell .
let me know if you have any other trick because I dont want this year to be a disappointment..
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Yes I think I can help. Here's my suggestion.

Go to your local sporting goods store and buy a 22 caliber rifle and shoot them dead.

Then collect the dead bunnies, cut their heads off and place them around the perimeter of you flower garden. You could either lay them, or as I like to do, place their heads on spits. I prefer the latter as it adds a "psychological" element to the war. And believe me sister, it is a war make no mistake about it.

I wish you luck and good aim in your shooting.

Go get'em!

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