I Am Looking For An Animal Safe Method Of Killing Fleas In My Yard.


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That's a tall order. First make sure you keep your yard free of tall grasses, weeds, this is where fleas live. Keep your grass short.

Garden supply stores sell microscopic worms called NEMATODES. These will eat immature fleas & other insects. Nothing is permanent, so after rains may need reapplication. You mix the "worms" with water, put in a yard sprayer and spray all areas of the yard thoroughly.

Hope this & my answers to your other posted question pertaining to your dog flea problem will help. Good luck & give the dog a hug from this animal lover. I own 7 dogs & 3 horses and I, also, try not to use anything in their care that can be harmful to them. With the recent pet contamination scare I have gone to only buying dry dog food from feed stores & making broths using chicken(which I shred into broth ), meat scraps from butcher(do same as with chicken) adding to dry food. I do this in lieu of mixing with canned dog food.
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How about this!! Spray the entire yard with a 50/50 mix of water and the real mccoy Listerine. The bugs and fleas hate the Listerine, and will fly off. You can also add some dishwashing soap or better yet some baby shampoo (any brand will do) to the mix to help them pack up and leave!!! Hope this helps!!
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I've heard that Listerine also will drive the "skeeters" away..anyone know anything about this application? Since I live in Fl. where the bugs are big enough to carry off small children, I'm willing to try anything! The bug sprays tend to not only get more costly, but you have to re-apply them so often. Anyone?
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Keep it mowed, spray your lawn, dip your pets.
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It seems a bad situation whenever you have to face fleas in your yard. You must quickly take help from the pest exterminator to get rid of pest.

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