Is Killing An Animal And Eating It As Meat A Sin?


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Yes,love animals and save wildlife,they are not harming you why you are harming them
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Actually, in my country, people do kill an animal and eat it, it is their daily routines. But, in the Bible, killing a four-legged animals and ate it, is really a sin.
If you killed a four-legged animal, but you don't eat it, you still committed a sin
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To which version of the bible are you referring? Animal sacrifice is common in the old testament, where believers were commonly instructed to slaughter /and eat them (or donate for consumption) in remembrance and worship of the bounty provided them by god.
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Where in the bible does it say killing a four-legged animal and eating it is a sin? I believe animals were put on this earth for our benefit so don't believe utilizing God's gifts to us are a sin.
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Yes ,it is sin avoid killing them. They will show their love to you .
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My personal opinion is that killing animals is not a small sin. It is a very big sin. How?
Main reason is that they are not disturbing you.
When we killing animals, they will suffer by more pain.
It is sin; if rat, cockroach is suffering by more pain, when we killing.
It is not a sin; if rat, cockroach is not having pain, when we killing.
But, is there any pain less killing poison available to kill rat, cockroach in the world? I don't know. If not, scientists should be discover pain less killing poison to kill rat, cockroach.
Some scientists says that human body is naturally fit for veg. Not for non-veg.
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It depends on what your religion is, doesn't it?  Some religions advocate only eating the meat of certain animals, some advocate no flesh.  It will depend on the religious beliefs to which one ascribes.  Pleas esee cmment to an answer already rpovided for comments out the Christian biblical context/old Testament.
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Romans 14 states that the eating of meat is a personal conviction
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To kill for a prize is just wasteful and the old saying is waste not want not. The bible uses animals for sacrifice/offering/clothing and God gave man dominion over the animals so to kill for food and materials for clothing is no sin.
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The bible says is ok to kill and eat any animal, animal is lower than human, human control animal, animal belong to human, they are like objects, you can kill any and there is no sin at all.
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People these days don't have to kill animals because everything we need is at
the supermarket or butcher shop or in other words we buy everything we want.
So many people forget that when they eat fish and chips or eat at Mcdonalds
or buy Kentucky fried chicken or whatever the animals have been killed including
fish as well. It wasn't that long ago that people had to kill their own animals in order
to survive. The problem is people are not living in reality and it is the fault of the
industrial revolution that took people of their farms and made them dependent on
production. The problem with society is that we eat too much meat and we should
eat a more balanced meal including lots of vegetables. However killing meat is not
a sin...

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