What Is The Prey And Predator Of The Toucan?


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Toucans have a pretty varied diet, but they also have quite a few predators - mainly big cats.

What Do Toucans Eat?
Toucans are omnivores, which means they eat a bit of everything.

They’re mainly fruit-eaters, but they’ll also eat insects and small lizards when the opportunity presents itself!

Toucans will also steal the eggs and fledglings (baby chicks) of other birds.

This is the only way they can really get any protein in their diet, and they tend to prefer eating this way when they have babies of their own to feed.

What Eats Toucans?
Jaguars are the biggest threat to toucans, although the birds are also at risk from other large cats.

They also need to watch out for large birds of prey, and in some places, toucans are even eaten by humans!
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  • The prey of the toucan is fruit, rats, frogs, snakes, lizards and various kinds of insects.
  • The predators of the toucan are snakes and other animals.

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