Are There Any Woodlice Predators?


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Woodlice have many natural predators, forming a large part of the diet to some creatures and an occasional snack to others. Common shrews are know to consume vast numbers of woodlice. Other animals also eat them in mixed fdiet ( snails, slugs and worms) these include hedgehogs, toads, frogs, newts and lizards. Little owls and foxes are also known to include them in their diets. Other creatures that share the woodlouse's habitat will also prey on them, none more so than Dysdera crocata, the main woodlouse eating spider (another spider in this genus also exists and also eats woodlice). This spider is quite common in the south of England, seizing woodlice in it's pincer-like jaws and injecting them with a poison that kills the woodlouse in a few seconds. Less of a threat, but still woodlice predators, are centipedes, harvestmen and some beetles. The woodlice is even in danger of attack by its own kind, occasionally during the moulting period. During this moult the woodlice's body is very soft and vulnerable .
Woodlice responses are well known, their normal reactions to predators (running away or rolling into a ball), to light (hiding in a dark place)

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