What Are The Spider Monkey's Predators?


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Big cats like pumas and jaguars are the biggest predatory threat to spider monkeys.

Eagles and large snakes have also been known to attack spider monkeys, although this is far less common.

Predators of spider monkeys
Because spider monkeys live in the rain-forest, they share their habitat with a number of other species - although, despite this, there are very few animals that hunt spider monkeys.

Spider monkeys are one of the largest types of 'new-world' monkey, which makes them harder to 'pick-off' than other smaller primates.

They're also adapted for living high up in the trees because of their flexible tails and hook-like hands, and that generally keeps them out-of-reach of most predators.

Nevertheless, large, flexible cats like pumas and jaguars often spend time surveying their territory whilst perched up high in the branches, and occasionally they'll manage to snare a spider monkey for dinner!

The threat to spider monkeys
Although natural predators like pumas and jaguars might sound fearsome, the biggest threat to spider monkeys actually comes in a more familiar shape - humans.

Human beings are behind the gradual destruction of the rain-forest, a spider monkey's natural habitat. Poaching for the pet trade is another major problem (caused by humans) that spider monkeys face.
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Humans are their most dangerous predators. It is horribly tragic.

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