How Often Does A Lion Eat?


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He will eat as often as the females of the pride make a kill. Lions do not eat every day, but when they kill something big enough they will gorge themselves.
Sometimes the males kill for themselves, but their conspicuous mane makes it more difficult for them to stalk prey.
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The king of the jungle has 30 strong teeth which he uses to capture and eat his prey. Due to his size, the lion needs to eat between 8 to 9 Kg's per day and usually feast on buffalo, zebra, giraffes and wildebeest.

The female lion can have up to four cubs in any one litter, but she usually has two or three. Her cubs are weaned by the time they are eight months old. As the film The Lion King demonstrates, one male lion will become the head of the pride and will usually reside as such for approximately two years. After this time a new male lion will become the head of that pride.

There seems to be no answer as to why male lions have big mains. People originally thought that it was for protection when they fought other lions, but there is no evidence to suggest this. Another theory is that because it is only the males who have mains, it is a symbol of attraction to the female lion.

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If a lion kills a zebra or a full grown wildebeest it will last them for atleast 2 days. . A small springbok or a gazelle would last them maximum two days. .
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Lions eat big and small things

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