What Is The Best Way To Transport My 5' Corn Snake And Adult Leopard Gecko Driving Across Country?


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In a cage. Preferably a cage which is similar to the one they are in now, but smaller. If you are using a wire cage, make sure they can't squeeze out, if you are using a carton, it might cause them undue stress.

The best idea is to use the same material (unless is is glass, in which case a plastic container is a good idea) but make it a little smaller then the one at home (since you have limited space). Put the same materials in the travel cage as in the normal one, wood chips etc, and make sure they have access to water.

It is also suggested that you reduce stress for them by not playing very loud music, or taking them out often, or using a see through cage. Check on them every couple of hours to make sure they are ok, and once at the final destination, put them in their own larger enclosures as soon as possible.

You should also feed them before and after the trip, and not during, as snakes will regurgitate their food under stress.

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