At What Age Should I Get My Kittens Spade?


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Male cats are neutered, and females are spayed.

Most veterinarians recommend that females be spayed after they go through their first "heat." But many vets now think, given the risk of too many unwanted kittens, females should automatically be spayed after their sexual organs mature: around six months of age.

The cat's sexual organs are removed without disturbing her basic sexuality or character traits. The vet will keep her overnight, then send her home with a shaved belly and sutures -- which dissever themselves eventually or which you or the vet must remove after a week or so. Keep the cat quiet for a day or two, and do not let her outside. Monitor the incision for infection.

Some people think their spayed cat will become fat and lazy, miss having a sexual life, or regret not mothering kittens. None of these are true.

Spayed cats do not suffer the stress of competing, unneutered cats. Their resistance to disease is higher, and they are more mellow because life is easier.

And do I have to mention the millions of kittens that are euthanized each year because irresponsible pet owners don't do their part to control animal overpopulation?
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Kittens can be spayed when they weigh 2 pounds. It's safe, quick and they bounce back as if nothing happened. The old way of waiting 6 or 8 months can cause unneeded litters of kittens, since a female can go into heat at 5 months. If kittens are to be adopted out they need to be.
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I have had kittens go into heat at 3 months old. You should wait till they are 5-6 months old. Putting a kitten under has a 25% risk it will not wake up ever. You must be a responsible pet owner and not let them breed.
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Typically, the SPCA won't fix them until they are over 8 months old. It's also cheaper to have it done there, rather than at another veterinarian clinic. I don't know if they would consider insurance that you might have on them, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Good luck.

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