How To Determine Age Of Kitten?


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Several ways of trying to guess the age of a kitten (but it is only an estimation of age) (Is this a very young, or older kitten?)

If there is still an umbilical cord attached to kittens belly, then kitten is around or less than 3 days old.

Eyes - open or shut?   Kittens eyes start opening between around 8-12 days old.

Eye colour? - kittens are born with blue eyes.   Eye-colour starts changing around 6-7 weeks old. (Few cats will retain their blue eyes into adulthood - depending on breed and genetics) So if kitten has blue eyes, he/she is probably under 7 weeks old.

Movement ~ Kittens will start trying to crawl around and/or stand upright and walk between 14 and 21 days (2-3 weeks old).

Alertness ~ after 3 weeks, kitten will start investigating noises and objects with interest.

Teeth ~ teeth start coming through at 2-3 weeks old, with a full set of teeth by 8 weeks.   If kitten is starting to lose his/her front teeth, then he/she is at least 3 months old (then adult teeth will start coming through)

Toilet ~ Under 3 weeks old, kitten wont be toilet-trained. Watch to see if he/she attempts to use the litterbox,   or not. Under 3 weeks, kittens will need stimulation (mother cats tongue, or cotton ball soaked in warm water), under the tail   in order to urinate, etc.

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