What Is Wrong If Dog Has Purple Tongue ?


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Is your dog short of breath? Listless? If your dog didn't eat something that turned his tongue purple, its very possible he isn't getting enough oxygen. It could be his heart. Are his gums blue as well?

It would have been better if you would have given more information such as how old your dog is, how he has been acting, has he been eating, is he peeing enough, does he cough - stuff like that. If your dog is really old, it's more than likely his heart. Like people, dogs get cyanoitic when they don't get enough oxygen.

I would go to the vet and see what's wrong. But, be prepared to probably spend quite a bit of money.In order to find out what's going on, the vet will have to do a number of tests. If you have a vet who has been seeing your dog (this would be the optimal situation), the vet would more easily be able to find out what's going on. But, the tests would be the same or similar (I don't know what they are, but they may be similar to what they do to a person to find out if their heart is ok)

If your dog is very old, its very possibly his heart. Like older people, dogs hearts don't always work as well as they get older. Probably a sign he isn't getting enough oxygen for one reason or another. Could very possibly be his heart. But, with a very old dog, perhaps putting him through a lot of tests and stuff would be cruel. Of course, that's up to each individual owner. But,. Seeing the vet would be a good idea anyway. If your dog is in pain, the vet can help with that.

If the condition persists, see a vet. And, I wouldn't wait very long.
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Nothing if it is a chow

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