My Dachshund Is Limping On One Leg, She Played A Lot Outside And At Diner Time She Started To Limp On One Leg, What Do You Think It Could Be? Thank You.


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You'll have to take her in. Keep her confined and restrict activities until you can have her seen tomorrow. Dachshunds are prone to several spinal issues like disc problems. It could be her leg but a spinal issue is always a first thought with Dachshunds since it's so common. It almost always shows up by having trouble with the rear legs. If you catch it early enough you can usually try restriction and some injections from the vet first instead of jumping to surgery. You're vet can walk you through the process. You can't not treat. Your dog will need monitoring by a veterinarian and probably some meds. You just can't risk that it's not her back. I hope everythings fine and she's back to normal very soon.

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