My Six Months Scottish Terrier Is Losing Hair On Her Back Legs , And She Itches A Lot All The Time All Over Her Body . I'm Feeding Her The Purina Puppy Food , Could That Be The Problem ? What Can I Do To Resolve It ? . The Vet Send Her Antibiotics An


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It could be mange? There are two types. My terrier had mange that makes the fur fall out. The skin looks pink like heat rash and he used to shiver a lot. This is easily diagnosed with a skin scrape at the vets and is also easily treated. Hope she is ok  soon :-)
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Hey same goes for my..I got a scottish terrier 6 months old..and she is losing her hair
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I'm in the same boat and can't figure out what is going on. Should I change her food or shampoo? Please help
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A higher quality diet almost always helps no matter the problem but any switch should be slow and especially if it is contributing to your problem (or the cause if your pup has a bad food allergy)  it takes about 4 weeks to start seeing a difference while all the nasty stuff starts to leave the system and stops effecting them so much. What was her diagnosis or aren't they sure yet? It could be an infection or a secondary infection from something else, mange as suggested, atopic dermatitis (they are very prone to skin problems and allergies and also tend to be allergic to fleas), autoimmune problems, and many things. Does your pup drink a lot of water that you've noticed? It could be thyroid as well and is a problem in Scottie's. Here is your breed parent club (you might even contact some of the breeders to see if maybe they can help if you guys are having a hard time figuring things out and getting things under control) and the dog food analysis site so you can check out foods, I feed Innova, green bag, and the third link is a quick run down on how to read a bag of dog food. I hope you get it figured out and your baby is feeling better soon.

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