My Dog All Of A Sudden Can't Go On Its Hind Legs. She Can't Jump On The Couch Or Bed! ... Anyone Seen Their Dog With Weakness In Their Back Legs Which Give Way?


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I have a pomeranian [he's either 5 or 6, can't remember at the moment] who has abruptly developed the same thing. He regularly jumps up on the couch with us, jumps excitedly for his dinner, etc. And as of yesterday he refuses. He isn't limping and he appears to be in no pain, he's just extremely relucant to jump or run. We're curious if it's a reaction to some de-worming medication we gave him on Monday [our cat has it, just a precaution] but we can't afford to take him to a vet.
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She has been to vet, with lots of tests run on her, so far everything has come back negative. She also can not run more than a few steps before she stops.
She has not had any injuries either so we are stumped, as well as our vet too.
We will be going to a specialist in the near future, picking up her paperwork in a couple days.
Just wondering if anyone else had this happen to their dog.
BTW, she is only 4 years old.
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You should have mentioned age and breed of your dog because back legs weakness can be due to age and some breeds of dogs are more to develop this problem. There are many reasons that can cause weak back legs in dogs. Following are some common reasons but final diagnosis can be made by your local vet after physical examination and laboratory tests.

1. Ticks disease
2. Autoimmune disorders
3. Musculoskeletal problems
4. Aging
5. Arthritis
6. Hip dysplasia
7. Disc dislocation
8. Disc degeneration
9. Bone tumors
10. Panosteitis
11. Cartilage damage
12. Anterior cruciate rupture
13. Osteomyelitis
14. Spondylosis

So, take your dog to vet for diagnosis and treatment.

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