Is The Mosquito Plant Toxic If Eaten By Pets?


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Your mosquito plant is most probably a geranium (citronella), which contains the toxins geraniol and linalool. Pets who brush by it can come down with skin infections. If ingested, symptoms of poisoning include lethargy, loss of appetite and diarrhea. The ASPCA website suggests contacting a vet for immediate medical care if your pet has ingested it. Unless your dog or cat has eaten a significant section of the plant, anecdotal advice would be to monitor the situation and resort to the vet only if it persists past a day and a half. Do also contact the vet if your pet’s situation worsens during the initial period.

If your pet is refusing food don’t push the matter. Make sure they always have enough water to drink. Ice cubes or vegetable broth are easier for them to ingest. Try and ensure that he or she doesn’t get dehydrated. In the case of diarrhea, Pepto Bismol (given with a syringe if you have to; good luck!) can alleviate the situation. If the situation is not better by the second day, call your vet.

Although citronella is advertised as a mosquito deterrent, the plant itself does not repel the insects. Citronella oils, ointments, sprays, candles and incense have been shown to work effectively against mosquitos. If by mosquito plant, you are referring instead to duckweed ferns or vervain, the ASPCA does not warn against them. For future reference the ASPCA has an online list of toxic and non-toxic plants at
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As we tend to spray mosquito-repellent spray endlessly, we guilt-fully and intentionally tend to overlook the side-effects of this fume in our homes and eventually in our lungs. I`d like to use a mosquito fogger

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The mosquito plant is a different name for the citronella geranium plant.  Citronella plants do contain gastrointestinal irritants and tanins that can cause gastrointestinal upset.  This upset should be fairly mild and self-limiting.  If these signs last more than 24-36 hours seek veterinary attention.

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