Is there a natural way I can prevent cat hair from sticking on my clothes? With a natural spray or something?


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Janey answered
Using a fabric softener such as Febreze while doing your laundry will help with keeping cat hairs off your clothes.
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Jenna Ramaldo answered
If your cat sheds to much you can try taking it to the vet for a cheap price and have the hair cut or have it somewhat shaved, it usually deals with the probelms of cat hair getting anywhere. And I do not recommend using any sprays of some sort.
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Eleanor jones answered
No not really. Using chemical sprays to attack problems like this is a bad idea. If you vacumn daily inc your cats bedding and brush him/her daily there should not be such  a big problem but getting a lint roller or using a strip of cellotape on your clothes  will bring them off.
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Horse Lover answered
I'm not to sure if it's natural, but a lint-roller might help. You can get it for a cheap price at a lot of places. :) Hope I helped, good luck ;)

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