Tell Me About Animals That Live In Captivity And Animals That Live In The Wild?


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There are very distinct behavior differences between animals that live in the wild and those who live in captivity. Animals that are born and brought up in the wilderness learn how to survive in adverse conditions of the savage jungles while those who are kept in captivity are taken care of by humans who cater towards their needs.

From very early childhood the mother teaches the cub how to fend for its food. In case of herbivorous animals such as deer and giraffes, the young ones are taught to stay with the herd and ways to save themselves when the carnivorous predators attack. Hence the animals bred and brought up in captivity tend to be lazy and often lethargic and do not get a chance to learn the way of life of the wilderness.

Also these captive animals are more used to seeing human beings around them and tend to get used to this fact after a while and often take a tolerant attitude towards the these visitors. I am specifically talking here about animals in the zoological gardens around the world. If a wild animal is brought to captivity, the process for that animal to get used to the conditions is quite painful as it definitely misses the wilderness that it calls its home. Some zoos make an attempt to simulate the wilderness by providing the animals larger enclosures with adequate trees and foliage.

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