Do Pet Hamsters Really Like Running Around The House In Those Plastic Balls?


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Basically, yes. Most hamsters enjoy it. In the same mindless way the enjoy running around an exercise wheel for ages, only at least inside the plastic ball the hamster gets to see, hear and smell some new things. All mammals are naturally inquisitive and crave a bit of novelty.

HOWEVER, the odd hammie really doesn't like the ball experience. And no hammie likes to get stuck in there for hours. Most advice is to only use the ball for a short period, say twenty minutes, no more than twice a day. Make sure the ball is plenty big enough for hamster to move around in comfortably.

Hamsters are prone to overheating inside those balls, so provide plenty to drink before and after.

Most of all, it's very important that you still supervise hamster in the ball, to avoid accidents. Hamsters can get up to a lot of speed in them, make sure they are only used on a flat surface. Beware of other pets and people, or of the ball getting stuck somewhere. But most of all beware of falls. The plastic balls should never be where there's a risk of it falling downs tairs -- even just a step or two.

You may also want to consider a playpen area for hammie; an open top enclosure with activities to do, things to explore and chew on and hide in, and a larger space to run around in than can be provided in the cage.
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Mine defiantly does. He is very excited to hop in and go for a run.
  Hamsters need a lot of exercise everyday to maintain a long and healthy life.
  I would recommend if you had to get a ball get a good one because the cheep ones break open and you may need to search for your hamster!
  If your hamster is young I wouldnt recommend to even touch him/her very often because younger hamsters get very stressed, but the older ones are alright to use the ball or wheel with.
  TIP: Let your hamster roll around in a spot with no sharp objects, not too much light, or no other loud people/ animals.    The animal could get hurt or stunned.

*these are many things you could look up or ask on if curious about something!
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I Have two Roborovoski hammies and I have two plastic running balls.
When you place them in a hall or a corridoor they love to race and keep up with each other!!
I wouldnt recommend them for rats as rats are intellegent lil creatures and will learn to dilike the experience as they are in the the same surroundings a lot of the time.
But hamsters do seem to enjoy it as far as we humans know :]
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Yes snowball loves running around they are very curious animals they usually hide in any holes and like to run outside so if you ever loose one keep the door close thank you thats all
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Would you?  What would your choice be if you were in that animals place. Unless you've walked in a hamsters saw dust, how would you know?

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