What Puppy Dog Food Should I Give My French Mastiff?


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tutu song answered
Give it dog food and some minced meat.
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KR- myopinions answered
A five or six star rated large breed puppy or even just adult  and not a puppy as protein levels usually for breeds prone to bone and joint issues and things shouldn't be as high as in a regular puppy food (some people are now thinking higher protein but I'll watch a generation or two before I change what I know to work for me and many others). Accelerated growth can mean accelerated bone and joint issues. Any switch should be slow or tends to upset their stomach badly. Here's your breed parent club and the analysis site and some interesting (sad,disgusting, scary) commercial food information. I feed Innova, green bag 5 stars for a starter comparison (and I don't feed any sort of puppy food). A brand called Orijen also seems to be quite popular.

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