My Sister Ate Some Bad Meat How Long Will She Be Sick?


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Don't really know, I would think her illness should only last a day (probably 16 to 18 hrs.). I'm Really sorry to hear she's sick on Christmas Eve. Here's hoping she gets well real soon and her Christmas as well as yours turns out Great!. You're a Special person for showing the care and concern that you show.  Good Sister.  God Bless
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OH my hope she will be OK but it will be a rough couple to three days,I've had food poisoning a good two days and the 3rd day you will start to come around but it is sickening,not much the Dr. Can do it has to get out of your system and 2 to 3 days especially you said she only ate a tiny bit,good luck to her and hopes she starts to feel better...good luck
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She will probably be sick about 2 to 3 weeks. Inless she got a tape worm then she will be sick for quite a while. She will also have to go to the hospital to get rid of it.

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