Can You Help With My Dog Breathing Problems?


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Ok here is an easy solution that works temporarily but it will make the dog lethargic for awhile... Baby benadryl does wonders with dogs that have breathing problems that is what I use on my bulldogs the dog will sleep and sleep and sleep but don't give it too much because then you'll definitely have to take a trip to the vet
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As dogs get older, a lot of them suffer from trachea or larynx constricting or thickening..or both. That, I found out first hand. My 11 year old American Bull Dog would lay in bed with me at night and just wheeze and struggle for every breathe. My vet did some tests, and it was what he suspected. Larynx thickening, do to age. There is an operation they can do, but not for an older dog. It's just to hard on them. (Most of them) I found that experimenting with the positioning of her head and neck worked bested. We even made a special pillow for her. It's best to have the head raised and neck stretched forward. Hope this helps.
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Well, I'm just going to tell you like it is. My old dog max always sounded like he had something in his throat, or he was wheezing, and we found out that he had asthma. Yes, I know that it is not really know to be in dogs, but my dog had it.Take the dog to the vet, and ask the doc to prescribe some pills for the dog! I hope your doggy turns out fine!!!!
If you have not done so, please take your pet to your vet asap. Like the other person suggested, there may be a possibility that your pet has developed congestive heart failure that can be treated with medications and a diet plan.chf causes these coughing spells, which means the gathering of fluids in the chest cavity.
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There are two possibilities. One is that your dog has a breathing sezure attack, which is something really dangerous. The other possibility is that it may have Dyspnea that occurs when there is fluid gathers in the lungs or chest cavity. It can also lead to coughing and short breath of your dog. Take your dog to vet soon to find the actual diagnoses of this problem and start its treatment soon to avoid any kind of complication.
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I think that you should take your dog to the vet, to be sure it does not have anything wrong it is posible that it will. My own puggle does not breathe that well so I want to take him to the vet.

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