What Can I Do To Stop Midges From Biting Me?


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I have tried avon, candles with citronella and I am at my wits end.  I get bitten when I hang out my washing and it makes going out into the garden almost impossible.  Can anyone help.  Is there nay sort of medication I can take?
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Make up a solution of equal parts of Detol and baby oil and rub on skin before going outside
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Midges are a subgroup of gnats. They exist all over the world although the Sottish 'Highland' midges are said to be some of the most ferocious. The female midges are the only ones which bite. They need the blood to get protein to produce eggs. The males only feed on nectar.

Some people seem to get bitten more regularly than others. There is no real reason known why, but there are many suggestions including 'having sweet blood'. I don't think the midge is particularly discriminatory.

The midges like damp, still conditions, and you will find that early evening is a common time to be bitten when its getting cooler. Avoid walking anywhere by a lake, river of lots of trees at this time.

Don't wear any perfume or hairspray / gel as this attracts them. If you must wear something use citrus based products.
Bug sprays have a limited effect. You can get specific citrus midge repellent. They really do not like citrus!!
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I live in scotland so i agreehandy thing to use and it works great avon skin so soft the midges hate it

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